Pumpkin Avalanche & Smash Fest, Nov 6

On Sunday, November 6, we will have a little fun. The Pumpkin Avalanche is our famous “roll a bunch of pumpkin down a big hill, watch them fly to pieces and then smash the remaining pieces.”
-At 2:00pm we need volunteers to help load the wagon with pumpkins from the patch. (The more volunteers, the more pumpkins we will have to roll!)
-At 2:30, the volunteers will have a chance to roll a single pumpkin down the hill.
-At 2:45, the Official AVALANCHE will begin. Watch the pumpkins roll and tumble, flying to pieces as the force builds…
-After the “all clear” signal, the crowd will be able to enter the meadow and SMASH any remaining pumpkins.

Note: NO ONE may be in meadow during the avalanche. Please watch the avalanche from the road bank, or the adjacent pumpkin field.

Admission Fee: Bring a donation for the Octorara Food Cupboard.

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