Shortages and Surpluses

Trying to balance supply and demand can be tough. Our patch needs a break so we won’t have any strawberries today Thursday, the 23rd. We will have strawberries tomorrow if we don’t have any hail this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our later patches are showing some signs of life and hopefully they will be rolling by the weekend.


We have strawberries today (Saturday, May 11). First come, first serve on the first bounty of the season. Today the price is $6 per quart of big beautiful strawberries. We are at 280 Lenover Rd, Atglen, one mile from the Octorara schools. We don’t have all our signs up, at this point, but GPS us and stop in. (We will re-post when they are sold out.)

We have Berries -Email us!

Strawberries are slowly starting. I enjoyed some fresh strawberries on my cereal this morning from our earliest patch. We will be getting a few quarts a day. If you are a local strawberry connoisseur and are craving strawberries, email and we will contact you as we have availability. Price for our early season berries will be $6/box.

Strawberries Coming Soon

The 2019 Strawberry Season is coming soon. We have had a few ripe berries, but not enough to fill a box… not yet, but SOON. We need several sunny, warm days to make them “pop.” We will possibly have a few quarts to sell (via pre-orders on Facebook) during the week of May 13-17, but the earliest day for the stand to open is Saturday, May 18. Stay tuned for more details.