Pumpkin Stand Open Daily

The Pumpkin Stand and Pick-Your-Own patch are open daily. Monday through Saturday, 9:00am – 6:30pm; and Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm.

We have a wide variety of sizes and colors of pumpkins, mums, squash, gourds, straw bales, corn stalks, colored popcorn bunches, etc. all displayed in a large open area with lots of space to move around without large crowds. Extend your family fun time by engaging in the free pumpkin games.

Pumpkins are fun! Share the joy of Fall.

Strawberry Season Delayed

The start of the strawberry season has been delayed by the cold weather. Hopefully, we will have berries by the last week in May, but that may be wishful thinking since we are seeing mostly blossoms right now rather than the “little green berries” stage. Stay tuned for updates!

Typically, we have a few berries ripening by early to mid-May, and last year we opened the stand by the 13th. NOT this year! April & May have had many cold days and nights, including several sub-32 degree nights. We had to pull the blankets/covers out of storage again this weekend, in the attempt to save as many berries as possible.

ONLY pre-picked berries will be available in 2020, due to a loss of plants/berries and the COVID-19 situation. Pick-Your-Own strawberries will NOT be offered during the 2020 season.

Our strawberry crop will be in short supply this year. The plants have been in distress since they were planted in the Fall. The plants were in poor condition when they arrived from the nursery, and with the hot and dry Fall, they could not recover before winter. Over 6000 plants died. Of the plants that survived, the Spring’s fluctuating temperatures started plants to blooming early, then those blooms/berries were frozen to death when temps dropped.

Pumpkin Olympics this Saturday (Nov 9)

The Pumpkins Olympics is this Saturday, Nov 9, 11:00am – 4:00pm. We have started to set up the Pumpkin 30 games, including Giant Checkers, the new Pumpkin Derby race track and the Survivor-inspired Pumpkin Lift challenge. (Games open 11-3:00)

Giant Pumpkin Checkerboard
Survivor-inspired Pumpkin Lift challenge, mega and mini versions.

Smokin Lamas and Tree Buckets will be flinging pumpkins up to 2300ft with their amazing machines.

Punkin Chunkin’

About 3:00, The Giant Drop will feature a 818 pound beauty (grown and donated by Ken Redcay), dropped (by Null’s Towing) onto a car (donated by Fling’s Towing.) Congratulations to Seth, Isaac and Jodi for their closest weight guesses in the contest.

The day ends with the famous Pumpkin Avalanche & Smash Fest. It’s smashin’ good fun for kids & adults of all ages.

For a complete schedule, see our website or Facebook

Beautiful Pumpkins for Sale

With only 8 more days of October remaining, it’s time venture to the pumpkin farm. Beautiful pumpkins are waiting for your selection. The Pick-Your-Own and the large Stand will remain open through Nov 1. After Nov 1, we will begin the transition to a small Stand (only) and prepare for the Pumpkin Olympics festival (Nov 9.)

Open Columbus Day

The Pumpkin Stand & PYO are open 9:00am-6:30pm (Mon-Sat) and Sunday 12-5pm. Both “Quick stop” and “Family Adventure” options are available. Either select from a large variety of great looking pumpkins at the Stand, or or pick your perfect pumpkin in the field… then play Pumpkin Putt-Putt and the other games with your friends/family.