Strawberries are Here!

Open Saturday @ 10am. The strawberry season is just beginning. The first few days, we will sell pre-picked quarts only ($7 each). To begin, we will be open every other day (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday…) starting at 10am, until sold out. As quantity increases, more days and hours will be added. PYO fields will hopefully open Memorial Weekend, IF we have enough berries!

Strawberry Season starts soon!

The strawberry plants look great and are full of flowers, with green berries growing. We estimate the first RED strawberries will be ready in about 1.5 weeks, or about May 19-20ish (for pre-picked berries only). The Pick-your-own fields usually open about a week after the first RED berries begin. At this point the start date is an educated guess as weather is always the prime factor in determining the speed of berries ripening. Stay tuned!

Strawberries on Monday!

The 2022 Strawberry Season starts on Monday (May 23) at 10:00am. ONLY pre-picked berries will be available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:00am until sold out. (As the quantity of berries increases, more days, hours and PYO will be added.) Hopefully, the Pick-Your-Own fields will open soon. Stay tuned.

Strawberry is coming soon!

The strawberry season is beginning soon, but the cold Spring weather has delayed the season by 2+ weeks.  Hopefully, we will open the Stand by May 31, and the pick-your-own fields soon after that. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in part time job picking strawberries for about 2 hours each morning (Monday- Saturday) call 610-593-5656 for details.

2 Days Left for Strawberries!

Strawberry Season almost over, only 2 more days! Open Thursday & Friday (9am-6pm or until sold out). Pre-picked berries are $5/qt, and Jam Berries are discounted. PYO is closed, as we clean out the patches. Don’t miss the yumminess.

It’s a good idea to order quantities of 4qt or more by calling (610)593-5656. (Doubtful there will be anything left for Saturday, but we will update you here.)

Strawberries coming soon!

Strawberries are looking great, much better than last year. The cool weather this upcoming week will slow the process somewhat, but hopefully there are no frost or freezing temps (like last year when many berries were lost). We should be starting to harvest in about two weeks. Currently there are a lot of flowers and some berries starting to form.