Saturday Open 8am-noon(?)

Due to the storage of strawberries, on Saturday we will open at 8am and close around noon, or whenever the berries run out.

Strawberry farms around the region are experiencing a good first set of berries, and then the season quickly ends. That’s what we are also experiencing. Too much rain last Fall and this Spring has resulted in loss of plants, and weakened roots and plant systems. Therefore, the volume of good strawberries is greatly reduced in our area.

Limited PYO Thursday

Due to the rain and an extremely high volume of berries picked this week, there will be a very limited amount of PYO strawberries available on Thursday morning (6/6). The Pick Your Own (PYO) patches need a day of rest and will be open again on Friday and Saturday. Our apologies to those who were planning a “big outing” to the strawberry farm on Thursday, hopefully you can reschedule for a different day.

Pre-picked berries will be available, while supplies last, @ $5 per quart box.

Peak Strawberry Week

This week is the peak of the strawberry season. Now is the time to think strawberries, especially if you plan to make jam, freeze berries for smoothies, etc. Please pre-order large quantities of pre-picked berries ($5/qt). PYO fields are open 8am-8pm if you prefer to pick your own ($2/lb).

“How much longer will the season last?” is a popular question. This week and next week for sure, then it will depend on the weather. Hopefully, we will have berries through the third week in June… but we don’t know now.

Shortages and Surpluses

Trying to balance supply and demand can be tough. Our patch needs a break so we won’t have any strawberries today Thursday, the 23rd. We will have strawberries tomorrow if we don’t have any hail this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our later patches are showing some signs of life and hopefully they will be rolling by the weekend.