One Day More

Our One Last day is MONDAY, June 26.  That’s it. No more. (9am until sold out)

Or for our “Les Miserable” fans…

One Day More

One More day of picking strawberries 

For soon they’ll be gone

Before the strawberries are dead

We will surely have fled 

One day more

I had not seen until today

The freedom that lies before me 

(One day more)

Without strawberries to be picked!

Perhaps I can sleep in in the morning. 

One day more

However I got paid for this

The freedom is so near

What’ll I do without do some income?

I can almost see it now!

How will I pay for everything?

Couple hours more to go

If I don’t make more money!

The time is near, we’re almost done!!

One day more

(Words by Maria)

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