Strawberry Season Ends

A strawberry. Such a simple, yet unique fruit. (It’s the only fruit with its seed on the outside!) It is bittersweet to announce the end of the strawberry season.  I won’t miss the 5:30am start in the strawberry patch, but I will miss the people.  Thank you to our local community and beyond for your smiles, kind words and loyalty in buying Glen Run Valley View berries.

What a privilege it is to see the joy that strawberries bring to our customers, young and old alike.   Witness the delight of a child picking their own box of berries and proudly setting their box on the scale… concerned that it not be confused with their sibling’s box, because they wish to eat the fruits of their our labor.  Witness the face of an adult as they open the cooler lid and alight with the joy of sight and smell.  Smiles broaden, memories awaken, mouths water, faces shine, eyes dance… ahhhh… strawberries.

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