Punkin Chunkin’ this Saturday (Oct 10)

This Saturday afternoon, October 10, starting around 12:00-12:30, the Smokin Lamas team will be firing pumpkins. Smokin Lamas hold the World Record in the human-powered centrifugal division, with a throw of 2368.5 ft.

Please park in the marked “Main Parking” area when watching the Punkin Chunkin’ and/or playing the various pumpkin games. The small parking area in our yard will be reserved for pumpkin purchase and loading. So, please pull into the “Loading Area” ONLY during the 10-15 minutes you are purchasing & loading pumpkins. (Pumpkin wagons are available to move pumpkins to your car, but only when your car is parked in the loading area.)

The Pumpkin Stand will be open 9:00am – 6:30pm. The Pick-Your-Own patch will be open all morning and intermittently during the afternoon. (The PYO patch must be closed during the firing of pumpkins!)

Be safe. Practice social distancing. Follow directions of the helpers at the farm. Be kind, and SMILE.

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